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    Knights from around the globe battle it out October 16-18

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    Annual enemies, eternal friends

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    Hit hard, leave friends – may the best knight win October 16-18

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    The thunder of hooves, the crash of steel, the shattering of lances!

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    All the pageantry of the past brought to glorious life! October 16-18

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    Hawks, hounds and hunting at the Poway Rodeo grounds

-THE TOURNAMENT OF THE PHOENIX - Thrill to the awesome spectacle as knights from the US, England, Norway and the Netherlands compete in a fierce 3 day, 7 event competition!

-THE FESTIVAL OF HISTORY- Hands-on history at its best as our Festival of History presents Rome to the Renaissance

--THE SQUIRES SKILL AT ARMS- Cheer for the Squires as they compete from horseback with lance, swords, and spears in this 3 day, 9 event competition.


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Jousting - Games - Crafts - Storytelling - Live music - Falconry - Unique hand crafted items from local artisans - Delicious food and treats - Fun for the whole family!


brokamp HS

Bertus Brokamp


First tournament: 2010

Motto: Casant!



1 Brokamp

Bertus fractured his upper jawbone in 2008 while training for the joust. The horse threw him off, and he landed face-first into an oak fence. He says he was lucky- no eye or teeth gone, and nothing dislocated!

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george HS

Sean Francis George


First tournament: 2003

Motto: 'Amor Vincit Omnia' (Love Conquers All)


George shield

Sean once jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft 11,000ft dressed as James Bond in a tuxedo to raise money for The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

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jeff buchtadavis2

Jeffrey Hedgecock

Order of the Crescent

First tournament: 2003

Motto: 'Honneur seurlement entre egaux' (Honour only among equals)

2 coa

Jeffrey and his company Voorhut Fahnlein Arms created the armour for the 1992 cult classic 'Army of Darkness'

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Mautritz Hansen HS2

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen


First tournament: 2011

Motto:"Experientia docet" (Experience is the best teacher)

0315 Mauritz Hansen

Ivar played drums in a metal band before he took up jousting.

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Steve Mallett

Order of the Crescent

First tournament: 2001

Motto: Motto: Cedo nulli (I yield to no one)



If you look very closely, you may see Steve riding in Maleficent, 47 Ronin, Cinderella, Jack the Giant Slayer, Exodus and other box office favourites.

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Tournament of the Phoenix Video


10.16.2015 11:00 Days

Map to Event

Tournament Of The Phoenix

totp button3

The original 'extreme' sport and the world’s premier knightly tournament, only the most highly skilled athletes are invited to this 3- day, 7-event Olympic style competition.

Find information about the events, scoring and rules here.

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Festival Of History

totp button

History comes to life as you try on armour, weave cloth, try your hand at calligraphy and take your place in a shield wall. Don't just read about the past, experience it hands-on!

Learn more about our time-traveling visitors here.


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Squire's Skill at Arms

saa button

Cheer for the Squires as they compete with lance, sword, and spear in a separate tournament of their own. There are 9 events over 3 days in this competition.

Find information about the events, scoring and rules here.


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Plan Your Day

plan your day

Don’t miss a thing! With so much to do and see, use this handy daily schedule and an event site map to plan your day.

Find the event schedule and a site map here.

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